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Your Life is Your Responsibility

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Matthew 27:4: "When Judas came to the high priests, he said "I have sinned in that I have betrayed innocent blood". And they said, "what is that to us? See thou to that!"

In my prayer time this morning, The Spirit wasted no time telling me how to use this scripture for myself. In this passage, Judas has regretted betraying Jesus over the 30 pieces of silver and now wants to undo his mistake. He first repented himself, but then the Bible says he took the silver to the chief priests and confessed his sin, but the priests, whose jobs were to intercede for people and administer the sacrifice rituals they did to atone for their sins told him that this was not their problem and that this was his own responsibility. The Spirit spoke to me and said there are some things that people pray about that are mostly their own responsibility. The results you desire are built automatically into the actions you take. Again, I received a directive about my health. God is simply reminding me that there is no way to "give back" the current results of bad eating habits. This is your responsibility to fix the mess you made. You can't just say "oops, I'm fat, let me give this back". No, you have to work hard to undo what you did. And although He cares so much for us and our well-being, He lets us know that there are things that we are responsible for. Health is one of those things. Our bodies were given to us so that we may live in this world to carry our assignments and fulfill purpose. It is up to us to take care of it.

Just as the priests told Judas that this was his responsibility and had nothing to do with them, Jesus is telling us that there are things that He simply cannot do for us because we all have free will. One of the many misconceptions I had about God is that He was a genie that performed tricks at our command: If you want to lose weight, go to the genie..... you want financial increase, go to the genie.... a better lifestyle, go to the genie! While we can definitely pray about these things and ask The Spirit to help us with our discipline and decision making or pray for some divine favor in hard areas that may be difficult or challenging or speaking against an obstacle that is blocking a blessing in the spirit realm, all action is on us! It is our responsibility to pray about and for the things that God handles in the heavenlies and our responsibility is to obey his instructions regarding the physical actions we must take on earth. This is our responsibility, not God's.

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