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Victories are sweet. No matter how big or how small, whenever we conquer something that we have been wrestling with, the win feels good. And even though we've finally won, that very "win" can cause us to lose. Oftentimes, we get so caught up in the win that we forget the sacrifice it took for us to get it. We get comfortable. Sometimes, we celebrate too long and too hard and begin repossessing the very things we sacrificed to get to the victory. To sacrifice means to surrender (give up) or destroy the thing that keeps us from the place in which we truly desire. I believe we have the wrong idea about sacrificing. We think of it as a temporary adjustment or fix until we get where we want. This causes us to let our guards back down once the victory has been achieved. We must not get so wrapped up in the victory or the pain of sacrifice that we lose sight of its purpose. Some sacrifices have to be permanent so that we don't merely achieve success, but we maintain it. Letting your guard down for you could very well mean going back to the wrestling match in which you were previously engaged.

A coworker of mine once said that it's cool to practice until you get it right, but it's better to practices until you can't get it wrong! Whatever sacrifices God has asked you to make, sacrifice them for good so that you don't have to return to old battles. Romans 12:1 says that we should present ourselves as living sacrifices. It goes on to say that this was a reasonable thing to do for Him considering the sacrifice that He made for us.

In verse 2 of Romans 12, Paul tells us that we have to transform the mind in order for the body to align. Sacrifice can be a very dirty word to many because it involves giving up something that is very difficult to let go of. However, Paul lends us some advice on permanent sacrifice. He said we have to transform the mind, which means to change. In many cases, our whole mind has to be reprogrammed in order to be on automations in the new direction. Once your actions become natural and automatic, it will no longer be agonizing to sacrifice. Matter of fact, it won't feel very much like a sacrifice at all.

There are a few ways to reprogram your mind.

  1. Affirmations

  2. Repetition

  3. Hypnosis

I admonish everyone to take inventory of themselves and make a list of things they must get rid of in order to get some desired results. And then once you know what must be deleted from your life, make the sacrifice to be rid of it forever.

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