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The Magic Spell

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

The Magic Spell

Tiffany Holman-Taylor

There's an interesting scripture in the Bible in Ecclesiastes that I received in a completely different way than the way most others have interpreted. Ecclesiastes 11:10 says "Therefore remove sorrow from thy heart and put away evil from thy flesh; for childhood and youth are vanity". While the commentary on this chapter and scripture, along with the amplified versions of it, suggests this verse to mean that you have to be careful of your choices in your youth because they have a direct effect on how you will live when you become old, I became stuck on the phrase "remove sorrow". So, now I'm wondering how does one "remove" sorrow from their heart and why. Of course, I prayed about it and heard in my spirit that removing sorrow was a directive. It means that it is something to do! It requires action on OUR PART. I'm not sure about anyone else, but I was raised and came up thinking that any sorrow that we experienced would be healed by heaven and that God would be the one to turn the sorrow into happiness with a touch of His hand. Now, don't get me wrong. I know that He is definitely able to do this. However, I don't believe it was meant for us to sit around believing that any relief we feel will somehow magically overtake us all the time. If you be honest, most of you have adopted the idea that God is going to magically put a spell on you in order for you to be happy. But the more I live and understand the principle of sowing and reaping, I glean that this is not the case. Just about every choice we make has a consequence. The major thing to understand here is that our lives are ours to manage and that the life you have now is subsequently a result of all the choices you have made from childhood to now. With that being said, this scripture indicated to me that there are instances when action is required, even regarding our hearts. After all, the word "remove" is an action word. And if God is telling us to "remove" sorrow from our hearts, then that means it is something that we have to do. He is clearly instructing us to do so for ourselves. But how does one remove sorrow from their heart? I sat down and thought about what makes me sorrowful. And that brings me to step one. Take inventory of your heart and list all the things that make you feel sorrowful so that you can begin your quest to X that thing(s) out of your life. So, what is making you sorrowful? Unfortunately, I have a laundry list of things that put me in a sorrowful state. I won't list them all here, but simple things such as not having enough leisure time and dreadful visits to my doctor's office about my cholesterol and blood pressure numbers are definitely on the list. After comprising my list on paper, I had to sit down and think of how to "remove" these. Remember, the directive says to "remove" the sorrow. Whew! Things were much simpler when I thought God was going to put me under a magic spell and make all of these problems disappear. This simple thinking made me feel happy. I would leave church after hearing inspiring messages about how God was going to fix everything, and endorphins were popping off everywhere within. But those happies were always trumped by the reality that those things/feelings/issues still existed, and there was sorrow that always accompanied the reality. Contrary to the misguided, popular belief, God is not going around waving a wand to erase the sorrow. Knowing what brings the pain is half the battle, but it's a battle that can be won if you get busy doing the things that will remove it. There are many things that bring people sorrow. I encourage you to identify yours and start the necessary work to remove it. Some of those examples are:

  • poor health and fitness

  • overwhelm / poor time management

  • toxic relationships

  • anxiety

  • unfulfilling job

  • financial struggles

The good news about these things is that they can all be handled with a plan. The right diet and exercise regimen can turn around health and fitness turmoil. A good plan planner with a calendar and a to-do list can help with overwhelm and time management. Counseling and the good quality book can do wonders for your struggle on handling bad relationships and anxiety. Downloading a job search app on your electronic device or an update to your resume can assist you in your search for better employment. And there are tons of tools and programs that can assist with money management and finances. In fact, there's a whole section in bookstores dedicated to finances. Not to mention, free podcasts are everywhere for just about any topic. God has instructed us to remove sorrow from our hearts. Many of the things we will need to do sound simple but will not necessarily be easy. Nevertheless, if you want the sorrow removed, regardless of how toilsome these tasks may be, they must be done. Yes, God will be with us, but He is not our magician and there are not any magic spells. Search your heart. Determine what it is that must be removed. Ask yourself: What is causing the sorrow (the pain, the stress, the turmoil) in my life? Come up with a plan to have this thing removed. And then, TAKE ACTION! Even if it means you have to get help. What you cannot do is allow whatever it is to keep you in the same place of turmoil. Happiness comes when your brain detects progress. Even small steps in the right direction can cause you to feel accomplished and increase your confidence.

The key thing to remember is that you are the only one who can make the changes that are needed. You cannot hire someone to do your pushups for you. No one can take your place in your body and do for you what must be done for yourself. You are responsible for yourself, and action is required! God is always there to assist you, but He will not do it for you. Ask The Holy Spirit for guidance, comfort, support, and help. But there is not a prayer you can pray that will cause Him to do your work for you. Come out of the magic spell and start working on your life today.

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