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Be Prepared

After reading the story of Samson and seeing how he was introduced to his parents before his conception by way of an angel, The Spirit reminded me of the importance of obedience and preparation. To who much is given, much is required. God had a huge plan and assignment for Samson’s life that included lots of physical activity and strength. So, God began giving his parents instructions before he was even conceived because it was important to get him accustomed to a sacrificial lifestyle early. Samson’s parents were told that he could eat nothing unclean for all his days. He couldn’t have grapes, strong drink, or red meat. Not only did he need to be mentally equipped for the calling God had on his life, but this sacrificial lifestyle would aid in his physical ability and strength. Although The Bible always mentioned how The Spirit of The Lord would come upon Samson and be present with him when he had to use his physical strength, he still had to have the natural physical capability, meaning his body had to be fit for the job.

Sometimes, it doesn’t seem fair when God requires us to sacrifice; especially when we look around and don’t see others having to do nearly as much. I felt this same way about Samson. He had to live on a restricted diet his entire life from birth! However, to maintain his level of strength and ability for his calling, he had to do practical things that kept him fit for the calling. This is the same thing with us. God may have given you some instructions to do in the natural realm so that He may take it and use it supernaturally. God was able to add his supernatural to Samson’s mere natural simply because he obeyed.

God has given us instructions just as He gave Manoah and his wife about Samson. These instructions are for the benefit of our assignment, our purpose, and God’s plan. Another thing I take away from this study is how the instructions of God (especially if they seem unreasonable and challenging) are indicative of the huge blessing and immaculate plans God has for your life. He has promised greatness if He has called you to sacrifice. This sacrifice is required in order for much to be given, (Luke 12:48). God will uphold His end of the bargain with no questions. The question is are you willing to uphold your end on the natural side. Whenever you think about the sacrifice and get overwhelmed with the challenge and temptation, think about the outcome. There are two outcomes in which you should ponder: 1. The level of blessing you would receive if you do obey and sacrifice 2. The regret you will have if you don’t obey or sacrifice.

Manoah and his wife were made aware of the assignment and the instructions prior to it happening to give them adequate time to prepare. Even though the time was given for preparation, the time was set! The time that God has given us to make the necessary preparations for our blessings and calling is also set. Whatever resulted from the actions you took during that time is what you will be left to live with. Whatever is accomplished or unaccomplished, you will have to deal with that outcome. In other words, do not take preparation time for granted! Time does not stop or readjust because we disobeyed and misappropriated our time. Remember, when God gives you instructions, obey quickly and quietly because the time will soon be at hand.

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